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Glossary – E

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Easel – Holds photographic paper down during the print process and allows for exact sizes and cropping to be made.

Emulsion – A light sensitive layer on film that contains one or more silver halides and captures an image when exposed to light.

Enlargement – Printing a film negative to a larger size on photographic paper.

Enlarger – A system used in the darkroom that exposes the negative to photographic paper to create a positive image. Enlargers can be moved up and down to make images larger and smaller and focused to provide maximum detail.

Exposure – The amount of light that is allowed to hit photo film or photo paper, creating an image on the respective source.

Exposure Meter – A light reading that gives you specific information regarding which shutter speed and aperture setting to use for a consistent, well-toned image.

Exposure Setting – The combination of aperture and shutter speed used to expose film.