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Glossary – B

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B (Bulb) – A setting on the shutter speed dial of a film camera that allows you to keep the shutter open for as long as the shutter release is held.

Background – Objects that are behind the subject of the photography.

Barrel Distortion – Image distortion caused by a lens where straight angles bow outwords.

Bellows – A folding device made of fabric between the lens and camera to allow for extended separation of the lens and film plane. Will allow a standard lens to be used in close-up photography.

Blur – Subjects within the frame move during a long exposure and are recorded during movement. This will cause them to look out of focus and blurry.

/blur-Blur Motion PhotographyMotion captured with a long shutter speed causing the moving subject to blur.

Bracketing – After determining the proper exposure settings of the aperture and shutter speed, you then increase and decrease the aperture by a stop to bracket your exposure and ensure the image is properly exposed.

Built-In Light Meter – A device built-in cameras that will help measure the amount of light in a scene to determine the proper aperture and shutter speed settings.

Burning- A darkroom technique that singles out specific pieces of a photograph to add more light to the exposure of the photographic paper, thus darkening the spot.