Film Camera Accessories

While many film cameras, particularly modern cameras, are designed to be self-sufficient, there are a variety of accessories that can be used to greatly assist photographers on a daily basis. Please click the below links to learn more about some very helpful accessories than photographers may want to consider:

Handheld Light Meter: For photographers who own cameras without through-the-lens light metering, handheld meters are an invaluable tool. These light meters will assist with the exposure settings of the camera and basically tell the photographer how to set the aperture and shutter speed for proper exposure.

Tripod: Perhaps the most frequently used camera accessory is the tripod. This three-legged stand holds the camera to provide an extremely stready base that eliminates camera movement during the exposure. Tripods are particularly helpful in low-light situations where long shutter speeds are required.

Cable Release: The cable release allows the photographer to walk away from the film camera and expose the film at any time. The cable release is very helpful for self-portrait photography in allowing the photographer to pose in place and release the shutter at their leisure.

Lens Filters: There are a variety of lens filters to do everything from decrease contrast to reduce glare. Filters either sit in front of the camera lens or are attached to the camera lens to make significant changes to the image.