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Glossary – L

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Landscape Photography – Typically used to describe images that capture nature scenes without using people as the focus of attention. It may also be used to describe man-made scenes such as cities.

Large Format – The largest film available to capture the most detail possible with negatives that start at 4 x 5 inches in size.

Leader (film) – The small tab at the front of a 35mm film canister to help load film into the camera.

Lens – The lens is a combination of pieces of glass with curved surfaces that receive light rays from an object and are able to form an image on the focal plane. A lens may have variable vocal lengths for zooming, macro, or wide angle shots.

Lens Hood – An accessory that attaches to the front of a lens to prevent light flares and help protect the glass from scratches.

Lens Speed – The widest aperture setting possible for a camera lens. A fast speed also allows for faster shutter speed settings.

Light Meter – An instrument used to measure light for proper exposure settings. Also see “Incident Light Meter,” “Reflective Light Meter,” and “Spot Light Meter.