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How to Clean Film Negatives

Storage for film photography can always be an issue if you’re an active photographer. And film negatives are susceptible to dust or mold if not properly stored. Negatives should always…

How to Videos

How to Load 35mm Film How to Unload 35mm Film How to Load 35mm Film onto Film Reels for Development

Processing Black and White Film

Developing black and white film will vary depending on the processing chemicals you use for black and white film photography, but it largely remains the same. Black and white film…

Push and Pull Film Processing

Push processing is a film photography technique that attempts to compensate for underexposed film by over-developing it. Pull processing is similar, but instead you compensate for overexposed film by under-developing….

Processing Color Print Film with C-41 Processing Techniques

Processing film and developing color negative film (color print film) is known as the C-41 process. While other processes exist, C-41 is the most commonly used in modern film photography….

Processing Color Reversal Film with E-6 Processing

Processing film for developing color reversal film (slide film) for film photography is known as the E-6 process. The E-6 process has nearly become the sole process for developing slide…

Common Film Development Errors

Particularly for beginners, there may be nothing more disappointing than shooting a roll of black and white film, developing it, and finding out that something went wrong and the film…