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Glossary – A

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Agitation – Gently moving developing chemicals to evenly process film or photographic prints

Aperture – Built into the camera lens and determines how much light is allowed in to expose the film. Aperture is set by various f-stops to indicate how small or large the opening is. Aperture will affect shutter speed and depth of field.

Aperture Priority – An automatic camera setting that automatically adjusts the shutter speed based on the aperture setting.

ASA – American Standards Association is a now defunct rating system for film speed. The ASA system has been replaced by the universal ISO system. However, it is still a commonly used term.

Auto Exposure – The aperture and shutter speed are automatically determined for exposure.

Auto Focus – The ability of a camera lens to automatically find a point of focus.

Automatic Film Winder – When a roll of film is finished, the automatic film winder will rewind the film so that it can be removed from your film camera.