How To Load 35mm Film on the Film Reel


1. Gather materials in preparation – including scissors, a can opener, the film development tank, your roll of film(s), and the reel(s) for your film.

2. In complete darkness, use the can opener to open the 35mm film cassette. Once opened, remove the film from the cassette.

3. Find the leader of the film and use the scissors to cut the leader off so that the film has a straight edge. Try not to cut into the sprockets of the film.

4. Locate the little hooks, or clip, of the metal reel you are using. Attach the end sprockets of the film to the hooks, making sure the film is straight.

5. Once in position, hold the film by the ends to avoid scratching the film emulsion with your fingers, and bend the film slightly.

6. Begin turning the reel with your other hand and the film will catch on and reel around.

7. When the film is fully wound on the reel, cut off the end and make sure all the film is held on the reel.

8. Open the lid of your development tank and place your loaded film reel in the tank. Tightly close the lid and you are free to turn on the lights as your film is now in the light-tight tank.