Blur Motion Photography

Blur motion photography is a technique that purposely blurs any and all movement. This technique is achieved by using a long shutter speed to capture objects in motion. There are many ways to approach this basic technique depending on the amount of motion and blur you want to show.

Most blur motion photography will be done with the use of long shutter speeds and the camera mounted on a tripod. This will allow all static objects to be in focus and all moving objects blurred. For instance, a scenic background can remain in focus while pedestrians walking by or car driving by are blurred. The night photograph as seen to the right is a prime example of this. Blur motion photography at night

There is also a technique called panning that may be used to capture motion. With panning, the background becomes blurred while the moving subject is mostly in focus. This technique can be somewhat difficult to master but the end result is something truly unique. To learn more please visit panning motion photography.

Faked Blur Motion Photography

Zoom blur motion photography There are also some different cameras techniques that can be used to capture more blur motion, or fake blur motion. Using a long shutter speed and a camera held by hand, the photographer can simply move the camera slightly for a motion-effect. However, this technique may often lead to photographs simply looking blurry and unfocused. The photographer may also leave the camera on a tripod and fake motion using the zoom of a camera lens while exposing the film. The end technique is similar to that pictured on the left, and gives the feeling of running forward at high speeds.

Frozen Motion Photography

Additionally, if blur motion photography is not the right technique and you simply want to capture the act of motion, see frozen motion photography. This technique will freeze all subjects in movement and quickly capture it on film using a fast shutter speed. The end result is moving objects suspended in animation.