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Quick Guide to Black and White Photography – Introduction

Introduction For many beginner film photographers, black and white photography is the first step as black and white film is generally easier to work with, develop, and print. Black and…

How to Videos

How to Load 35mm Film How to Unload 35mm Film How to Load 35mm Film onto Film Reels for Development


Choosing the Right Film Print Paper

Guest article by Jordan Mendys When you are starting out making your own prints, you are going to be faced with a lot of different film paper decisions, and if…


Lenses for Film Photography Include Wide-Angle, Macro, and Zoom

A film camera lens has two main parameters, including the maximum aperture and a focal length. The aperture will open and close to allow more or less light through the…


Photography Tips – Winter Photography

Winter Photography Guide Winter photography will require a different approach to film photography and exposure. When a light meter measures light it measure a mid-gray point. However, because the average…


Photography Tips – Night Photography

Night Photography Guide Night photography, as the name suggests, is taken between dusk and dawn with very low light situations. As such, night photography tips and techniques are essential to…

Darkroom Supplies for Film Photography Printing

Guide to Photography Darkroom Set Up This guide to photography will discuss the basic set up for a photography film darkroom lab to print your own photo film. You can…