How To Unload 35mm Film


1. Locate a small button on the bottom of the camera. This button releases the film take-up reel and allows you to rewind the 35mm film. If you do not push this button and begin rewinding the film you will feel a lot of tension, and if you push too hard you may break the camera or rip your film – so you want to always make sure this button is pushed.

2. Lift the small lever of the film rewind dial on the single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.

3. Turn the lever in a clockwise motion. You will feel some tension as the film rewinds.

4. Continue turning the lever until you feel a dramatic lessen in tension, or you may hear a small clicking noise.

5. Open the back of the 35mm film camera by pulling the film rewind dial up. The film can now be removed and developed.