Film Camera Brands and Models

Due to the popularity and level of quality in digital photography, most major providers of film photography cameras have either ceased production or have limited production to one or two models of film cameras. However, assuming equipment is well taken care of, film cameras have a long lifespan as many are operated manually (or can be operated manually) without the need for batteries. Unlike digital photography where quality is based on new technology, 35mm film taken in one film camera is the same quality as 35mm film taken in another comparable camera. As long as the camera is still in good shape and functions properly a 20 or 30 year old camera can still provide the same results as one of the film cameras still in production.

Nevertheless, this page is designed to provide some information regarding some popular model cameras that may be found in new or used condition from various sources. Please click on any camera below to learn more specifics about them.

35mm Film Camera, Single-Lens Reflex (SLR)

Canon EOS-1v – a 35mm film camera with complete manual and automated controls geared toward professional use.

Minolta X-700 – a 35mm film camera no longer in production but orignally designed for professional use. This was one of the last manual focus cameras made by Minolta and features a through-the-lens light meter, aperture priority, and automatic exposure.

Nikon FM10 – a 35mm film camera marketed to beginners. Aside from a through-the-lens light meter system that requires batteries, this camera is fully manual.

Nikon F6 – a 35mm film camera geared to active or professional photographers. This camera provides manual controls and as well as full automated controls and exposures.

Vivitar 3800N – an entry level 35mm film camera with only manual controls. A battery is used to power a through-the-lens light meter.

Medium Format Camera

Holga 120 Series – a medium format, plastic camera known for its low quality.

Mamiya C Series – a series of medium format twin-lens reflex (TLR) cameras. This series is one of the very few TLR systems that offers fully interchangeable lenses and a bellows focusing system that allows for extreme closeups.