Featured Film Photographer – January 2013

Anton Caro

by Anton Caro

I am not a photographer, but I like to take photographs using compact cameras and 400 ASA film to take pictures of everyday life, in the way it goes on – photographs that appear to be portraits, of course, because every photograph that I take is nothing less than a reflexion of myself. On the other hand reflexion of light is darkness, but darkness may also reflect on us. When I go in the streets, I like to look at people, but I also look at myself. I look at myself in every person I meet in the streets. I like to go out and create my own reality by picking up fragments of life, putting them together and creating a piece of mosaic. Then this mosaic can start its own life and I become its spectator, a researcher that studies the relation between reality and “that other reality” to which our world is only a shadow. The shadows “bring” us back to “reality”, providing a bridge to connect the “disconnected” or “retarded” moments with our illusions. Illusions to reality – establishing a tight bond like the bond between black and white, these two colours being two extremes and in the same time containing all the colours in between, a form of visual dualism. Because we live in a dream. A dream that is a shadow of reality, which in turn does not exist. Shadows are the proof that tells us in which world we currently are – an act of recognition.


Describing reality that does not exist – because it is time that stops for an instant – and in this instant it is the heart that comes in line with the eye and the photograph is taken. These little pieces of “the other reality” go beyond the limits of perception and knowledge – for we still use categories and etiquette.


We need to be intuitive, because it is then that life provides us with chances to record “the good moments” – when we go beyond the limits of the viewfinder, but also beyond the limits of our own perception. And to put a question mark on our photography by chance. Life is a chance. Impulse that may be transposed into moments and they – into children of eternity. An act of presence – imagination touched by mind, which becomes an instrument of knowledge.

That is my point of view.

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