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About Guide to Film Photography

Guide to Film Photography was created and written by photographer Andrew Ortwein.

One day I randomly decided that I wanted to create a website. As a photographer, using both film and digital, it seemed natural to start a photography related site. In all honesty there are a lot of really good photography sites out there, but one thing I didn’t see available was a good place for beginners to learn the basics of film photography. A lot of film photography sites are made by “expert” photographers who always glance over the basics and pretend like everyone else is also an expert. Others are just incomplete guides or are difficult to follow and find answers. So I wanted to fill that need.

All content on this website, unless otherwise noted, was written by me in my spare time. I try my best to make sure everything is 100% accurate and, perhaps more importantly, easy to read and understand. If you ever notice something that may not be accurate or something you may be confused about please leave a comment on that page or reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter.

A little about me…

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree with a concentration in photography (film-based) in 2007. Since then I have been without a darkroom and have made the conversion to digital photography as it’s easier work with in my small apartment. I really miss having access to a darkroom and I constantly make remarks about how much I love the smell of the chemicals. Someday when I have a house I plan to convert a room or basement to a black and white darkroom. I might try to document that process when it happens too so that anyone else looking to create a darkroom can see it.

While I enjoy digital photography it really just isn’t the same as film. In my opinion, there’s a very amazing quality to film that just can’t be touched by digital. I enjoy the suspense of development and the dedication to the perfect print. Although I’m currently using digital, and will probably always use digital to some extent, I often treat it like film. I don’t like the idea of Photoshopping an image to make it dramatically different from how it was originally taken. I still prefer using natural lighting in most of my work. And I’ve developed a loathing for people who spend the money on digital SLR cameras and use it like a point-and-shoot.

Please visit my website AndrewOrtwein.com and “like” me on Facebook.